We are seeking participants!

Want to be a performer or musician, puppet builder or puppeteer in the Pageant? Do you have an interest in the health of Island waterways, or a desire to participate in a large, collaborative theatre-making process? We are looking for all kinds of people to get involved in this year's pageant - all ages and all levels of experience are welcomed! We also welcome folks who want to participate as production volunteers, helping out behind the scenes to make the project happen.

Each year we offer a series of free workshops led by professional artists to build skills and create material the Pageant. Workshops and sign-up forms are listed below.

If you'd like to be involved but are not sure what you’d like to do, or if you want to work as a volunteer, get in touch with us via the contact page and we’ll get back to you soon.

2019 Workshops


Dancing with the River, Dreaming with the Land

A workshop in creative movement & choreography for everyone

Join theatre artist Joanna Caplan in an exploration of movement, imagination and environment. During twice-weekly sessions, participants will work outdoors and be led through body-centered exercises that will lead to movement improvisation and world building. This workshop will work towards creating movement patterns and group choreography that will be performed on the river and on land during the Pageant. No previous experience in dance is necessary, and all ages, bodies and abilities are welcome! This workshop will appeal to anyone interested in storytelling that arrives not through words, but through physicality, imagery, and design. Workshops will take place indoors and outdoors in New Glasgow. Meeting place is at the New Glasgow Christian Church.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm: July 4, 11, 18
Sunday afternoons from 2:00-5:00pm: June 30, July 7, 14

Advance Registration is required. 
SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/TTMVFSELHw5OUF4G3

Shaping a Stage from Water and Earth

A workshop in Scenic Design for the Outdoor Stage with Ian McFarlane


Calling all timbre shapers, tinkerers and dreamers! We seek to find a stage on the River Clyde. If you love working with your hands or have an interest in designing for performance, we need your help. For the 2019 Pageant, we are building some large scenic elements out of wood, rope, water, dirt and elbow grease. Come and carve a log, learn how to work power tools, help design sculptures and dream up new ways of working with the landscape. Facilitated by scenographer and puppeteer Ian McFarlane, this workshop seeks to harness the joy of collaboration while offering a space to share skills and learn new crafts. Activities will involve: large and small-scale wood carving, carpentry, creative problem-solving, drawing and facilitated exercises in scenic design.

Workshops take place in New Glasgow, on the Pageant site at Little Victory Microfarms when outdoors, and in the New Glasgow Christian Church when indoors. No experience necessary. Ages 12 and up.


2019 Workshop Dates:

Saturday June 29, 1-4pm
Saturday July 6, 1-4pm
Saturday July 13, 1-4pm
Saturday July 20, 1-4pm

To get to the workshop site: park in the upper parking lot for the Gardens of Hope and the Butterfly House. Walk down to the Gardens of Hope towards the river, and turn left. At the end of the gardens, go through/under the wooden pole fence, and follow path for a couple hundred yards and you will find the spot.

Advanced registration is required.
SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/0kjWnfm4eJaVOnpH3

Alongside his work as a puppeteer, Ian McFarlane is also a practicing set designer, scenic carpenter and painter. As a designer, Ian is fascinated with incorporating land, weather and ecology into the concept of the stage. His work has travelled from large-scale theatres to mechanical rooms to open fields.


Consider the Fragment of Driftwood

A workshop in puppetry and woodworking with Ian McFarlane

Have you ever pondered the life of a piece of driftwood? Have you ever picked it up in your hands and discovered reaching fingers or a twisted face? Have you ever imagined what it could transform into? Join us for a workshop series dedicated to that curiosity! Taking Pageant puppet workshops for a new turn, returning puppeteer Ian McFarlane will facilitate an exploration in a well-known puppet tradition: the marionette. Try your hand at wood carving, learn the basics of scenic painting and experience the joy of bringing a puppet to life through its strings. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will design and build our very own marionettes, each of which will be featured in The River Clyde Pageant.

All ages welcome, no experience necessary. Workshops take place at the New Glasgow Christian Church and the Little Victory Microfarms.  Please be advised that we will be using sharp tools and that participants under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Wednesday, June 26, 5-7pm
Wednesday, July 3, 5-7pm
Wednesday, July 10, 5-7pm
Wednesday, July 17, 5-7pm

Advanced registration is required. SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/MA9KLbGovP0H56sJ2

Spinning a Yarn

Kids drama and improvisation workshop with Jane Wells


Welcome to our story workshop - it has nothing to do with knitting!! During these sessions we will play drama and improvisation games, and then create an original story out of all the participants' ideas and characters, to be performed at the end of the second day. This workshop is for children between ages 8 and 12 who are interested in making up stories, acting, writing and spinning a yarn! There is no experience necessary, nor are participants required to commit to performing in the River Clyde Pageant. This workshop is for children who are new to The River Clyde Pageant, have not previously attended a workshop with Jane Wells, or who performed in years prior to 2018.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Saturday, June 22 from 10am-4pm
Saturday, June 29 from 10am-1pm

The workshop will be held at the New Glasgow Christian Church.
Advanced registration is required, and space is limited to 12 participants.
SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/EMsaCEYJ2PBDMcXt6

The Singing River

A workshop for singers and musicians of all ages and experiences,  led by Kathy Randels & Sean LaRocca


Singer/Songwriter Kathy Randels returns to The River Clyde Pageant this summer with multi-instrumentalist and composer Sean LaRocca, her husband and longtime artistic partner in ArtSpot Productions. They will lead explorations in vocal songwriting and music improvisation, building upon material created in the 2018 Pageant, and bringing in elements from their celebrated production CRY YOU ONE, which toured the US from 2013-2017. Workshop participants will take part in authoring new musical material for the 2019 Pageant, drawing inspiration from the land, air and water. They will also share strategies for outdoor singing and playing that are unique to the River Clyde landscape.  Musicians and vocalists of all ages can take part, and the workshop is open to all instruments and all levels of experience. This workshop takes place indoors and outdoors at the Pageant site in New Glasgow.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Tuesday June 11, 6:30-8:30pm
Thursday June 13, 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday June 15, 1-4pm
Sunday June 16, 1-4pm
Tuesday June 18, 6:30-8:30pm
Thursday June 20, 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday June 22, 1-4pm
Sunday June 23, 1-4pm

Participants are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can. Advanced registration is required.
SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/hABCkGDZAXnC8Olf2

A river of jokes, a sea of laughter

Improvisation & Sketch Comedy with Amy Schwabauer

This is Not About my Dead dog 3 .JPG

A new workshop for kids ages 8-15 exploring improv comedy. Comedic actor and playwright Amy Schwabauer will lead participants through a series of games and activities using short form improv as a tool to create story and sketch comedy. This is a special workshop open to all. It does not require previous River Clyde Pageant or other performing experience, nor do participants need to commit to performing in the 2019 Pageant.

2019 Workshop Date:
Sunday June 9, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: New Glasgow Christian Church

You can sign up below to be added to the waitlist. If spots become available, we will email you to let you know. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/d2M96tpCfJidorxB6


Hey, This Really Happened

A non-fiction playwriting workshop with Mike Geither

This playwriting workshop will explore the many ways in which real life finds its way on to the stage – from historical docudramas to contemporary interview plays to autobiographical solo performance. We’ll spend time writing together, examining the line between non-fiction and fiction, and seeing how a lie sometimes tells a truth. Open to new and advanced writers. Workshop sessions will take place in New Glasgow.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Saturday June 8, 3-6pm
Sunday June 9, 3-6pm
Wednesday June 12, 6-9pm
Thursday June 13, 6-9pm
Saturday June 15, 1-4pm

You can sign up below to be added to the waitlist. If spots become available, we will email you to let you know.
SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/y54ayyhPLsBW97uu7

Stiltwalking with Laura Astwood


Learn to walk on stilts and be part the 2019 River Clyde Pageant as a stilt performer. Open to ages 12 and above. Workshops will occur in New Glasgow and Charlottetown, locations to be confirmed. Participants will learn the basics of stilt walking in addition to partner-work and group choreography on stilts. Participation is limited to 5 people (returning stilt walkers not included) and advanced registration is required. This workshop takes place outdoors and indoors in Charlottetown and New Glasgow - locations to be confirmed.

Please note! This year, we will only be training participants who are interested in performing in the 2019 Pageant. Participants who are available for all performance dates (July 27, 28 and August 2, 3, 4) and can commit to rehearsals once a week in June and twice a week in July will be prioritized for this workshop.

2019 Workshop Dates:

Saturday June 1, 1-4pm
Sunday June 2, 1-4pm
Wednesday June 5, 6-8pm
Thursday June 6, 6-8pm
Saturday June 8, 1-4pm
Sunday June 9, 1-4pm

THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL. We are not accepting further registrations.

Advance Registration is required. SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/dcIc7yAflc64i34D2