Help us Wake the River Clyde!

We’ve officially launched our 2017 Fundraising Campaign to make the River Clyde Pageant happen again in New Glasgow this summer! Hooray!

Our Campaign Launch coincides with the release of a short video from last year’s event, which you can see on our campaign page - click the image below to take a look.

Help us reach our fundraising goal!

$10,000 is a lot of money. But, to put it in perspective: approximately 500 people experienced last year’s River Clyde Pageant, as audience members, volunteers, performers, and workshop attendees. If each of those 500 people gave $20, we would hit our goal! So, if you experienced the Pageant in some way last summer, and would like to see this inspiring event happen again, please consider a donation, large or small, to Wake the River Clyde.

We need your help in other ways, too!

Big campaigns like ours this rely on strong word of mouth to reach their targets. So, if you believe in this project, we invite you to SHARE the campaign on social media, email your friends, and tell people all about it!

We will be posting frequent updates on our facebook page - ‘Like’ us and follow along!

We’re grateful for the amazing team backing this project already.

On the Campaign page, you’ll notice an array of awesome perks you can get in exchange for your donation. We’ve partnered with local businesses and restaurants such as Receiver Coffee; The PEI Preserve Company; YouMeal; and Upstreet Craft Brewing, who are offering gift certificates and meals for special perk levels. Other sweet perks include tickets to the Pageant, Pageant t-shirts, and even a chance to PERFORM as an original character with your friends or family in this summer’s event!!!

We are also working on the campaign with a dedicated team of River Pilots: 11 people who were involved in the Pageant in some way last summer, and have generously signed on to help us fundraise.  Along the way, we’ll be posting photos and testimonials from some of these folks, who shared their thoughts on what the Pageant means to them.

So, we invite you to join us on this month-long fundraising journey, to Wake the River Clyde and make theatre magic happen again again in New Glasgow!