Garden Party Fun at The Mill!

We had a lovely afternoon and evening of music, socializing, games and delicious food at Sunday's Garden Party at The Mill. We're thankful to everyone who came out to join us, and to the incredible staff at The Mill, who volunteered their time to prepare and serve the locally-sourced, four-course meal. It was scrumptious!

Catherine Hennessey was our roving historian and star of our "Who's Your Father/Mother?" booth, telling stories to our guests about their Island family history. 

Catherine Hennessey, gin in hand, gleefully spills Island secrets

Catherine Hennessey, gin in hand, gleefully spills Island secrets

We had live music throughout the evening from local musicians, including some of our Pageant performers. Brad Trivers and Party Mix got the party started with rollicking cover tunes, Scott Parsons and Gerry Edge kept the music going on the deck, and then Sarah Segal-Lazar and Nick Doneff serenaded us throughout dinner.

The event was an enormous and inspiring success, and we were lucky to spend the evening with friends, neighbours, collaborators, family members and supporters. We're so excited by the generosity and spirit of the community, and last night felt like just a taste of what's to come. 

We've posted a whole album of photos over on our Facebook page...take a look!