The River Clyde Pageant would not be possible without support from the many organizations, businesses and individuals who contribute money, time, energy, imagination, materials, space and much, much more.  We are currently fundraising for the 2017 Pageant; you can help make this event happen by making a donation of any size, via the button below.

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The Pageant could not happen without the support of the following partners:

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Special thanks to the generous donors who have supported the event two years in a row: Scott Dickieson, Bruce McNaughton, Laura & Mary Nicholson, Lori Pendleton and Donald Stewart.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign in March 2017!

Ivy Wigmore, Anne Savage Jacobsen, Julie Penner, Jane Wells, Hannah Jarrell, Myrna Wyatt Selkirk, Anonymous, Colin Buchanan, Tara Callaghan, Betty Gordon, Jennifer White & Drew Heggie, Denise Oleksijczuk, Lisa Mark, Nicole Lewis, David Daughton, Gillian Robinson, Richard Martz, Diane Gaudreau, Yael Smiley & Gabe Kravitz, Silva Stojak, Jayne Toombs, Martha Nicholson, Judith Read, Susan Smith Brazill, Lisa Wells, Debbie Inman, Donald Stewart, Lauren Welsh, Isaac Berzins, Anonymous, Betty Jenkins, Matthew Glassman, Alex MacDonald, Emily Hughes, Doug Smith, Stephen Irving, Andrew Doyle, Anonymous, Laurie Brinklow, DD Kugler, Peter Dickinson, Sue Fraser, Monica Macdonald, Barbara MacDonald, Gordon Cobb, Mike & Rachel & Alex & Sophia Ruiz Romano Ross, Matthew Sherman, Rafal Czachor, Michael Wasnidge, Catherine Hennessey, Elspeth Pratt, Tanya Elchuk, Alex McLean, Gabor Desmond Hegedus, Bob Gray, Sebastian Baglole, Bryson Guptill, Katrina Lewis, Lisa Devine, Cathy Grant, John Sylvester, Lori Le Mare, Richard Baker, Kelly Metzger, Anonymous, Jon Tupper, Ben Wylie, Erika Hennebury, Sarah Colwell, Matthew Scaglione, Manon De Gagne, Joanna Caplan, Marianne Rendon, M-H Fontaine, Patricia Marceau, Anonymous, Tannis Kowalchuk, Hannah Cheesman, Noah Kenneally, Itai Erdal, Kathy Michalishyn, Jayne Toombs, Esther Stewart, Susan Leblanc, Jan Rudd, Anna Keenan, Annah Kassen, Wendy Fleming, Luke Hodges, Roberta Krumholz, Zach Wells, Donna Wigmore, Sean Devine, Barbara Macnutt, Joan Diamond, Hannah Bell, Peter Bevan-Baker, Margaret Dawson, Erin Arsenault, Richard Chapman, Jamie Larkin, Michael, Geither, Debbie Smith, Leslie French, Laura Astwood, Sarah Wells, Maria Cockburn, Ellan Dickieson, Anonymous 1, 2, 3, Brian Riley, Sarah Bulman, Orysia Dawydiak, Jane Thomas, Brendan Mooney, Ann Thurlow, Tina Dickieson, Marian & Joe Gormley, Lynne Douglas, Joan MacFarlane, Ann Wheatley, Megan Saunders, Kate McKenna, Kate Westphal, Lori Devine, Maida & Martin Rutte, Madeleine Trenouth, Leo Cheverie, Jacinta Gallant, Mary Falardeau, Carole MacMillan, Krista Wells, Kent Crosby, Darcie Lanthier, Patti Larsen, Lisa Dawn Chandler, Deborah Stevenson, Marti Hopson, Kim Devine, Christopher Wells, Kathleen Hamilton, Cyd Rainville, Ellen Gormley, Andrew Young, Cathleen O'Grady